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          Water cooled High voltage Fixed resistance Metal Oxide Resistor 5000W

          Features: Film materials:Metal Oxide Film Film: All covered Core: Ceramic rod(A12O3 content over 95%) Power Range:5KW-33KW Resistance tolerance:±5%-±10% TCR: ±100PPM-±400PPM Specialty:Small size,Good overload, low inductance and high frequency performance;can be widely used in high frequency circuit. Special requirements: Negotiate meet
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          Product description
          Product Description

          Chief Characteristic :

          1.Small volume;high power;
          2.High frequency is excellent;
          3.We are professional resistor manufacturer,We can produce resistors 220 ohm.
          4.Water cooled resistor is one of our mainly products;

          Chief Technology Parameters & Contour Dimensions:

          Power (W)
          Range (Ω)
          Tolerance (%)
          ΦD × L
          ± 5
          in series

          Applications scope:

          1.They are used extensively high frequency power supply equipments of metal thermal treatment & false loads of the sender for the radio and television.
          2.Principally used in electronic test equipment,high voltage switch, high voltage electric transport,large power electrical, electronic specialized precision instrument, new type medical equipment manufacture and high voltage electrostatic precipitator etc

          Product Details

          Contour Drawing :



          1.The resistor only allowed the vertical installation,water inlet,outlet in.
          2.Resistor per 1kw power consumption,water should not be less than 1liter per minute.But reduced power use,in terms of its water:5kw resistor not less than 5 liters per minute;10-20kw resistor not less than 10 liters per minute;25kw resistor not less than 15 liters per minute.
          3. If using circulating water cooling system, the water must be treated with cooling before use.
          4.Go beyond the afore cited scope,we can provide the products according to the user's requirements.

          Technology Standard

          1. GJB3017--97 
          2. QJB/QH1619--2007

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          Our Company

                          Xianyang Qinhua Special Electronic Components Co., Ltd

                 Xianyang Qinhua Special Electronic Components Factory have founded in 2000.We mainly produce:High voltage high power metal glaze film resistor; High frequency large current oxide film resistor; Painted or glazed/ porcelain shell or aluminum shell series wire wound resistor; High voltage high power wind cooled/ oil cooled resistors cabinet.
          The products are mainly used in electronic test equipment, high voltage measure, high voltage switch, high voltage electric transport, large power electron of military scientific research institute, national defense technology academy, university teaching and research section and the electronic power& energy department. They are also used in electronic specialized precision instrument, new type medical equipment manufacture, high voltage electrostatic precipitator and more. Among them, the special resistors of the high voltage inverters and the high voltage soft star have well properties of enduring high voltage, can distribute voltage equally, and can maintain resistance steady in high voltage state, reached the advanced world level.
          In December 2010.Our factory have got GB/T19001-2008 and ISO9001:2008 Quality management Systems Certificate.
          We belive that the quality is the soul of the factory. We sincerely look forward to cooperate with you. 

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